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Since 1571, when William Slingsby discovered the unique properties of natural spring water from the Tewit Well in Harrogate, discerning individuals have sought out the picturesque Yorkshire town to restore body, mind and soul by relaxing, indulging and socialising.

We have taken our classic award-winning London Dry Gin and allowed to mature in oak barrels for 16 – 24 weeks. It follows a similar maturing process as whiskey where the spirit is left to rest in barrels and gives it that rich warm colour. The concept of storing gin in barrels dates back to the 18th century when oak was used to ship and store the spirit rather than use breakable or expensive containers. As the gin sailed overseas, it picked up some of the oak’s sweet qualities, as well as the colour. This is a very limited edition 2017 batch with only 400 bottles available.

Tasting Notes

Its rich, woody notes are imbued with a subtle smokiness, whilst retaining a hint of juniper which develops a luxurious citrus twist.

Sip neat, over ice and garnish with pink grapefruit peel or pair with ginger ale or aromatic tonic.

Product Details

70cl bottle in presentation box

Alcohol by volume | 42

Units | 29.4

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