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We have created a NEW Limited Edition gin that pays homage to the 2017 Lions tour to New Zealand, aptly named ‘The Lions Gin’. Taking the classic award-winning Slingsby Navy Strength gin, the distinctive Limited Edition design includes the cherished Lions badge; The Heraldic Lion, the Shield and the Scroll. Beautifully presented in our limited edition wooden presentation box with individually numbered commemorative plaque and booklet. Each bottle also comes with a single use ‘refill guarantee’ for £20 which gives you the option to refill your unique bottle and encapsulate it with a fresh Lions capsule. Delivery is FREE with this product.

Tasting Notes

An initial burst of refreshing rhubarb and citrus from the grapefruit are more pronounced than our 42% London Dry Gin. Once the citrus has mellowed, the softer and more earthier botanicals become a lot more dominant, adding a savoury note which balances out the palate. A reduction in Harrogate Spring water allows some of the less featured botanicals – Jasmine and Green Tea to take on a more dominant presence, softening the fieriness of the gin. The mellowed Juniper and subtle vanilla profile, paired with liquorish root allows for a subtle and sweet finish.

Enjoy with Fever-Tree Aromatic tonic, ice with a wedge of pink grapefruit.

Product Details


Alcohol by volume | 57

Units | 40

Delivery / Returns