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Slingsby News

Our Yorkshire Rhubarb story…
8th February 2018

If you pay a visit to our wonderful Spirit of Harrogate store you can try an array of our development gins in a whole host of different flavours. Over the years we’ve had elderberry, mulberry, saffron, strawberry and once upon a time Yorkshire Rhubarb.

That’s right our now award-winning Yorkshire Rhubarb gin started as an experiment! Using our award-winning London Dry Gin as a base we add a separate Rhubarb distillate. We use the finest rhubarb which is ‘harvested’ from Oldroyd & Sons farm, which is set in the heart of the famous Yorkshire Rhubarb Triangle in Wakefield. We blend with water to pull the maximum possible flavour from the rhubarb.  It is then mixed with spirit to for 7-10 days to ensure the most intense Rhubarb flavour before being transferred to our rhubarb still. We bottle it at 40% ABV to keep a smoother spirit.

Originally released as a Limited Edition in November 2015 our Slingsby Rhubarb Gin is now a permanent part of our range, had one serious makeover and won three fantastic awards – a Great Taste Award, Silver medal at the San Francisco Spirits Competition and Gold medal at The Gin Masters!