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Slingsby News

We’ve Teamed Up With Yurtbar
23rd October 2017

We’re very excited to announce that we have teamed up with our friends over at Yorkshire Yurts and will be sponsoring their Yurtbar Apres Ski Christmas Party nights with our award-winning Gin.

We are a proud Yorkshire business that does things differently, thinks differently and has a different vision to others, so partnering with Yorkshire Yurts who thrive on thinking outside the box for every event they do, was a perfect match for us. We know the YurtBar Parties have proved popular in previous years and we hope we can make this year’s party nights even more successful with our award-winning spirits available on arrival and throughout the evening!

For selected dates in December, YurtBar will pop up in north Leeds to provide an unforgettable Christmas Party experience.

Be prepared to be taken off-piste, inspired by the pine cloaked slopes & snow capped peaks of the Alps…
and transported to a winter hideaway to the grounds of Moor Allerton Golf Club, Leeds.

Complete with pine trees, roaring fires and cosy sheep skin rugs, the alpine themed yurts will provide the perfect setting for your
work Christmas party or festive get-together with friends.

Your lift pass includes:

Slingsby G&T on arrival
3 course dinner
Live music
Photo Booth
On-site parking
Cocktail and Jagerbomb bars

Limited space, so book now to avoid disappointment!