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Slingsby News

The London Classic Car Show
3rd March 2017
Last weekend, George and Alex took Slingsby to the Excel in London to exhibit at The London Classic Car Show with our pals from Bespoke.

The show attracts around 37,000 people each year and is the capital’s biggest classic car event.

The event offered visitors an array of things to see and do including over 60 classics in action on the live motoring runway under the 2017 theme of ‘The Perfect 10’, the Theatre explored a wide variety of topics from a profilic line-up of motoring experts, hosted by motorsport broadcaster Henry-Hope Frost, the Grand Avenue boasted a new open paddock allowing visitors back stage access to get even closer to their favourite cars and the world famous Beaulieu Autojumble celebrated 50 years with 60 top class stalls selling automobilia, books, magazines and motoring ephemera!

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all at the show and hope you enjoyed your Gin samples! Alex and George also had great fun exploring all the amazing cars that were being showcased at the exhibition and hope you enjoy a few of their snaps that they so kindly took for us…