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Slingsby News

Slingsby To Supply British & Irish Lions
27th April 2017
We are extremely excited to announce that Slingsby will be the official supplier to the British & Irish Lions for the NZ 2017 tour.

Slingsby will be supporting the Lions by providing gin and vodka across all of the official Lions tour events both before the party leaves the Northern Hemisphere and whilst they are travelling throughout New Zealand in June and July.

We will also be offering Lions fans the opportunity to purchase a unique collector’s edition gin that pays tribute to the Tour and is aptly named ‘The Lions Gin -Tour Edition’. Taking the classic multi award-winning Slingsby Navy Strength gin the distinctive Tour Edition design will include the cherished Lions crest set against a Lions red background. Only 2017 bottles will be produced and shall available to purchase online from 28th May – just ahead of the Tour party’s departure.

The British & Irish Lions represent a unique sporting entity that has toured since 1888. With the jersey comes great responsibility; they are the best of the best, selected from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The embodiment of friendship, integrity, discipline and respect. We are proud to be the Official Supplier to the team for their New Zealand tour this summer.

We’ve got some exciting things planned for when the tour kicks off in June, so stay tuned!

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