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Slingsby News

The Lions Gin – Cocktail Recipes
1st June 2017
Our head mixologist has created some limited edition cocktails using our NEW Lions Limited 2017 Players Edition Gin, which pay homage to the 2017 British & Irish Lions tour of New Zealand this June.

Four Lions
35ml The Lions Gin
50ml Cranberry and Raspberry juice
10ml Chambord
Mint Leaves
Topped with Rose Lemonade
Grapefruit sprig garnish

Served with crushed ice in a 12oz highball glass

All Blacks
35ml The Lions Gin
150ml Guinness
100ml Tonic

Mixed in a 12oz highball with cubed ice.

The Lions G&T
50ml The Lions Gin
200ml Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic
2 Grapefruit wedges

Served with grapefruit wedges and plenty of ice