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Just the tonic…Our Guide To Four Of The Best
14th October 2016
When you have a thirst for something refreshing yet with a kick – there is only one drink to truly fill that role – a Gin and Tonic. Fantastic in their own right, but exceptional together!

When you make a Gin and Tonic, you should not only consider the gin you use but also the type of tonic water. How often do you leave an opened bottle of tonic idling in the fridge, long since freed of its zeal and panache, that will only produce flat, second rate-results? Here is our suggestion – pick up your tonic in 200ml bottle form.

This is a market that has exploded in the past decade, giving consumers across the globe access to a much higher quality of tonic and therefore G&T, than was previously within their grasp. So here are our 4 handpicked favourites from our store that we think are worth trying out to extract the very most from this classic combination drink.

Our Top Picks…

Fever Tree
With the saccharine sweetness of most mainstream brands tonic dialled down, Fever Tree harnesses the biting astringency of natural ingredients to give your G&T real authenticity.

Thomas Henry
As with Fever Tree, Thomas Henry embraces the natural bitterness of quinine, creating a tonic water that is robust and uncompromising in its flavour.

Double Dutch
Drawing on scientific research, sourcing the finest ingredients and combining art with craft, Double Dutch have created a tonic water that intensifies the flavour of spirits and delight the tastebuds when drunk alone.

Ledger’s is made from the best quinine in the world that comes from the Cinchona Ledgeriana Tree, discovered by Charles Ledger in 1864. Pioneering in the elaboration of a tonic water that incorporates natural Stevia as sweetener, Ledgers have created a quality and premium low calorie tonic water.