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Slingsby News

Horto – Rudding Park
22nd February 2017
Latin for kitchen garden, Horto uses seasonal ingredients from Rudding Park’s Kitchen Garden, which is where we source 12 of the botanicals used to make Slingsby Gin.

Set in the beautiful surroundings of Rudding Park Golf Club with views over the course and its bold decor, the restaurant really gave off the wow factor.

On arrival, we were welcomed with a delicious champagne cocktail with a dash of Hibiscus.

We were lucky enough to have the 8 course tasting menu where guests are encouraged to resist the temptation to look at the menu and discover the dishes and taste sensations as they go. The Chef and waiters interacted with each table to let us know what we were about to eat.

The food was outstanding throughout with weird and wonderful courses that paid homage to the chef’s adventurous way of combining different foods to create fine dining with local ingredients at its absolute best!

Here is the menu from the evening – it’s making our mouths water just looking at it! Our personal favourite was the scallop with potato, potato, potato…

beetroot & mackerel
native lobster & pickled leek
cabbage, pork fat & raisin

potato, potato, potato

salsify, oyster mushroom

garden artichoke, lemongrass

coconut, cardamom, kaffir


Originally planned to ‘pop up’ for the summer, Horto proved so popular it will remain open in its current location until April 2017 before relocating to the new Rudding Park Spa development due to open May 2017.

Pay Horto a visit at:

Rudding Park Hotel
North Yorkshire

Tel: 01423 871350