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Slingsby News

Slingsby Meets Game of Thrones
10th November 2016
Last night saw our mixologists serving Slingsby cocktails at the Game of Thrones pop-up gallery in Shoreditch…

Celebrating the release of Season 6, a number of ambitious and innovative creations inspired by the characters and themes of the TV show were on display in the GAME OF THRONES ART GALLERY at 135 Bethnal Green Road in London’s Shoreditch.

Our mixologists were invited to serve GoT inspired cocktails as part of the press and VIP evening on 9th November, one of which was the ‘Game of Sloanes’ cocktail which consisted of Slingsby London Dry Gin, Bronte Liqueur, Lemon juice, dash of Agave syrup and Grapefruit lemonade.

In addition to art from working artists, the pop-up gallery featured stuff from people who work on the show. For example, attendees received work by storyboarder William Simpson, plus sketches by Michele Clapton, the show’s costume czar. It also sported pieces from MEY, Clapton’s line of Game of Thrones-inspired jewelry.

Featuring installations and artwork made from a variety of materials including wood, paper, embroidery, chainmail and mosaic tiles to large scale prints from illustrators, painters and graphic designers, the variety of work on display from talented UK artists ensured this was a must-visit exhibition for any Game of Thrones or general art enthusiast.

Finally, the show featured 10 pieces of fan art chosen by Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Bran Stark) from a competition that ran on the HBO UK website.