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Slingsby News

Slingsby and Yorkshire Cancer Research
1st March 2016
Our chosen charity for this year is Yorkshire Cancer Research!

For those of you that don’t know – YCR help people in and around Yorkshire avoid, survive and cope with cancer. Their vision is that every single person in every community in and around Yorkshire has the very best chance of living a long and healthy life with, without and beyond cancer. The main goal is to ensure that by 2025, at least 2,000 more people in the region survive cancer every year. You may not know but 565 people are diagnosed with cancer every week in Yorkshire, and people in Yorkshire are more likely to get cancer, and more likely to die from it, than most other counties in England. There are many reasons for this, including social deprivation, post-industrialisation and lifestyle choices. But there are also clear disparities in the availability of healthcare services and inequalities accessing early diagnostics, clinical trials and the latest treatments. YCR have committed to investing £100m over the next 10 years to tackle the region’s biggest cancer problems.

We have already started planning fund raising events such as office challenges, 10K runs and raffles and we are looking forward to seeing how much we raise for such a great cause!