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Slingsby News

Slingsby & Betty’s Team Up!
1st March 2017
We are extremely excited to be partnering with the award-winning Bettys Cookery School to provide a gin-filled cookery course inspired by the botanical flavours of Slingsby Gin this April.

Betty’s course tutors and Craft Bakery experts will teach guests how to create a light and delicate botanically infused entertaining menu complemented by Slingsby Gin cocktails.

Guests will make and take home:
– Citrus Mackerel, Sweet & Sour Shallots, Botanical Granita
– Rhubarb Marinated Duck, Roasted Ginger Nectarines, Bok Choy
– Grapefruit Curd Tart, Tonic Meringue & Infused Pomegranate

Will Pemberton, course tutor at Bettys Cookery School – “Combining these ingredients in the world of cooking is exciting. At Bettys we have a passion for creating food that’s honest, full of flavour and made from only the finest ingredients. We can’t wait to welcome guests on to this tremendous new concept of course to deliver a truly magical experience combining food and drink.”

Saturday 8th April 2017 & Friday 28th April 2017
9 – 4.30pm
£185 per person
Limited spaces available

For more information or to book please visit