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Slingsby News

Belstaff AW17
11th January 2017
On Monday, the team ventured down to Ambika P3 in London for the Belstaff LFWM show, showcasing their navy themed ‘Jolly Roger’ collection for AW17.

The Slingsby team were on hand to serve VIP guests our Navy themed ‘Jolly Roger Gimlet’ cocktail which paid homage to the AW17 collection.

The Belstaff naval and submariner inspired collection is both tribute and testament to the incredible clothing worn by the British Royal Navy throughout WWII. It had to endure the harshest of conditions while at sea, protecting sailors, boatswains and submariners alike, and it was upon the great ocean that the genesis of the four pocket waxed cotton motorcycle jacket was born.

To recreate the mood of life on the ship or on the docks, models were positioned at varying heights in front of large metallic cylinders.

Jolly Roger Gimlet:
30ml Slingsby Navy Strength Gin
15ml Rose’s Lime Cordial
40ml Grapefruit Juice

Shake all ingredients together and strain into a short iced glass rimmed with salt.
Garnish with a wedge of dark chocolate.