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Slingsby News

Bar Convent Berlin 2017
12th October 2017

This week, Team Slingsby jetted off to Berlin for the 11th annual Bartenders conference. Attended by over 12,000 people – Marcus, Mike, Tony and George found themselves very busy making new friends from the international bar-tending scene, so hopefully you’ll see Slingsby popping up all over the world before too long!

Bar Convent Berlin was launched by the bar and beverages experts Jens Hasenbein, Bastian Heuser and Helmut Adam in 2007 and has grown into one of the leading international trade fairs for the bar and beverages industry. Each year the “Who’s Who” of this industry’s German and European representatives gather in Berlin to make new contacts, find out about new product innovations and attend seminars to deepen their expertise.

We’re looking forward to next year already!