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Slingsby News

Appleyard London
7th February 2017
We know it’s not always Gin you’re looking for, so we have teamed up with our friends at Appleyard London to offer you lovely lot an EXCLUSIVE 50% off the Decadence Bouquet and £10 off selected bouquets.

Appleyard London was born out of a passion for boutique floral design. They have a small team of experienced creative florists and a dedicated team of customer care professionals to ensure that your shopping experience is nothing short of perfect.

To redeem your exclusive Slingsby discount, simply enter the following offer code at checkout:

50% off the Decadence Bouquet – SLINGSBY50
£10 off selected bouquets – SLINGSBY10

Terms and Conditions:
Offers expire midnight 13th February 2017. 50% off applies to the Decadence bouquet only. £10 off applies to bouquets over £30 only. Discount is not valid on delivery charges (delivery from £5 per bouquet). Pricing refers to standard size bouquet. Offers cannot be used in conjunction with each other.