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The Slingsby Experience



Look no further than our unique Gin Experiences at the Spirit of Harrogate store. We offer three private tasting packages for you to choose from: The Spirit of Gin, The Cocktail Master and Just the Tonic.


Each experience includes a range of activities such as gin tasting, where you will sample our very own Slingsby Gin as well as over 80 other different gins we have in store, mixology lessons and a chance to learn about the history of gin plus a range of extras for you to enjoy.





Sit back, drink in hand, whilst we take you through the fascinating history of gin, right back to original gin styles and tastes, the London gin craze of the 18th century and how gin has developed today.


You’ll also enjoy a demonstration by our brilliant mixologists on how to make our Slingsby Signature Serve and get a chance to make some lovely cocktails for yourself!


Package includes 4 drinks per guest, gin tasters and nibbles (10-16 guests) £40 per person





Take a class with our mixologists and master a few cocktail classics as well as some of our unique concoctions.


We’ll share all of our top tips on creating the best cocktails and some fun facts to impress your friends with.


Package includes 4 drinks per guest, gin tasters and nibbles (10-16 guests) £40 per person





The other half of a G&T, tonic is the less celebrated partner in this classic drink. Yet to create the perfect G&T, you’ve got to find the right one.


In this experience, you’ll discover the history of tonic and its medicinal uses. Let our experts guide you through the tonic flavour wheel to find the perfect tonic for you. With over 30 different tonics in store, there are plenty to choose from.


The experience ends with a lesson on tonic cocktails and you’ll have the chance to make your own.

Package includes 4 tonic-based drinks per guest, gin tasters and nibbles (10-16 guests) £40 per person





We also offer open sessions on alternate Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons for those who would like to attend ‘The Spirit of Gin’ experience but do not have a party of 10 people or more.

Friday night sessions are 6.30pm – 9pm and Saturday sessions are 2pm – 4.30pm.

Includes a history of gin talk, 4 drinks per guest, gin tasters and nibbles £40 per person.

Whether you are local to the area, visiting Harrogate or simply curious about what it is we offer, then this is perfect for you!

For more information and to book a place, please email

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