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William Slingsby (1520-1606) embarked upon a prolonged tour of Europe accompanied by his wife and after visiting the town of Spa in the Spanish Netherlands (now Belgium), he returned to Harrogate where he was the first to discover the medicinal qualities of mineral water from the Tewit Well in 1571.

Slingsby did things differently, thought differently and had a vision that was extraordinary or even a little odd. For us, he epitomised the spirit of Harrogate and we are proud our products bear his name.

with natural
spring water

Following Slingsby’s discovery over 400 years ago, Harrogate has built its reputation on the unique properties of its waters. Within a two mile radius of the town centre, 88 mineral springs rise to the surface and of these, some 35 are within an acre of Harrogate’s Valley Gardens. No two springs have the same mineral content.

Commonly occurring minerals include magnesium, sodium, calcium, sulphur, iron, potassium, strontium, lithium and barium. Of the 88 wells, 16 have sufficiently high mineral content to be considered to be used medicinally.

Restoring body, mind and soul

The most discerning individuals from across the globe have sought out the picturesque Yorkshire town to restore body, mind and soul by relaxing, indulging and socialising.

Put simply, we have sought to provide you with ‘the Spirit of Harrogate’ in a bottle.

After all, restoring really is, the Spirit of Harrogate.

The Spirit of Harrogate

Visit us in store for the ultimate Slingsby experience where you can relax, indulge and socialise whilst overlooking beautiful views of The Stray.

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