Carthy & Black Gift Set
3x 50cl bottles Abv 17%

This Carthy & Black gift set combines three bottles of award-winning Yorkshire Cream Liqueurs – Original Cream Liqueur, Gin Cream Liqueur and Lemon Gin Cream Liqueur.  Each liqueur is crafted using the freshest cream, supplied by Paynes Dairies’ in Yorkshire. They ensure that the journey from ‘Beast to Bottle’ is completed as quickly as possible to guarantee a smooth velvety texture like no other. Using either the finest Irish whiskey or our own award-winning Slingsby Gin, it’s a taste you’ll never forget. Please note that this product contains milk. 

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Our sister company recently launched a fabulous range of Yorkshire Cream Liqueurs. Carthy & Black seek to bottle the very best of Yorkshire, but they do it with an unexpected twist. They wanted to create something out of the ordinary to give discerning customers a taste of what their glorious heartland has to offer. Yorkshire and the Dales are home to some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes. The rich, diverse soil yields the interesting and unusual ingredients which go into creating this delicious collection of drinks.

Yorkshire Mudslide

50ml Carthy & Black Yorkshire Cream 

2 scoops chocolate ice cream 

100ml milk

50ml double cream 

Blend all ingredients. Top with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and garnish with a big gooey brownie. 


Rhubarb Ripple

50ml Carthy & Black Original Gin Cream 

10ml Slingsby Rhubarb Gin 

1 scoop raspberry ripple ice cream 

Shake the rhubarb gin and gin cream in a cocktail shaker. Fine strain over a scoop of the ice cream - delicious! 

Lemon & Lime Cheesecake

50ml Carthy & Black Lemon Gin Cream 

2 scoops vanilla ice cream 

50ml clotted cream 

25ml Limoncello 

Blend all the ingredients and top with digestive biscuit crumbs and grated lime zest. 

Tasting notes

Carthy & Black Yorkshire Cream Liqueur - Chocolate and caramel notes finished with a touch of honey. 

Carthy & Black Original Gin Cream Liqueur - Subtle pink grapefruit citrus notes with a smooth vanilla finish. 

Carthy & Black Lemon Gin Cream Liqueur - . Sweet caramelised lemon notes with a mouth-watering biscuit like finish. 

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Carthy & Black has been awarded a number of awards for it's cream liqueur range including Gold and Silver at the Liqueur Masters and a Great Taste Award.

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